Level 2 Training Course

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Hands on KNF input making and nutrient cycle course

Instructor: Kim Chang

Start Date: March 19, 2018

Region: Hawaiian Paradise Park/ Keaau,Hawaii


This will be 3 weeks course. Dates are March 19,21,26,28,April 2,4th Meet 2 times a week 3pm-6pm. All the materials are included with a book. It is Hands on classes. Do not miss any classes. Class fee :$ 200.00 Limited seats. Max 20 students. Intro Korean natural Farming and nutrient cycle How to collect IMO1,IMO2,IMO3,IMO4 (indigenous microorganism), FPJ(fermented plant juice), OHN(oriental herbal nutrient), LAB( lactic acid bacteria), WCA(water soluble calcium), WACP( water soluble calcium phosphate), FAA( fish amino acid) and how to raise chicken.

E-mail Kim: kim.chang55@gmail.com

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About Korean Natural Farming

Master CHO Han-Kyu founded Korean Natural Farming in 1967. His entire life has been devoted to giving farmers the tools they need to grow in harmony with Nature.

Korean Natural Farming consists of 9 core solutions that can be formulated to become a complete system for plants, livestock and human health

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About KNF Certification

KNF Certification's purpose is to foster and maintain a venue for the assessment and maintenance of quality natural farming practices and products promulgated by the teachings of Master Han-Kyu Cho.

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